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You can check the availability of all our products online!!


How do I book?

Checking availability is easy and you can achieve this is a few different ways. Choose a bouncy castle on-line, view their description page, scroll to the bottom and click 'check availability', call us direct on 07926767766 and we can do it over the phone or send us an email with your chosen castle and requested date and times and we'll get back to you soon as possible.


I've booked a but haven't yet paid my deposit.

We offer a 3-day allowance period from the date you sent your booking request for a deposit to be taken/paid. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure this deposit reaches us within this time (although we normally make a notice phone call if a deposit hasn't been received within 2 days of the booking request date). Whilst no deposit has been received, your chosen item is still available to other clients. We offer our item on a first come first served basis (with a full deposit paid).

Ways to pay your deposit:

  • Cash
  • Via Bank Transfer (See 'Payment Ref' on Invoice
  • Via Post (Not Recommended) - Must be sent with full details

Can you provide your own supervision?

Yes, we can staff our inflatables at a cost of £25 per hour if needed offering full supervision.

What about Insurance?

We're fully insured and offer public liability insurance up to the value of £5m should an accident occur that is our fault. We are responsible for the safe set-up of your bouncy castle, inflatable, trampolines, toy set  and Games we will ensure it is set-up to the correct safety standard.

Provided with the castle are safety mats, blower(s), pegs/weights, sandbags (if on concrete), ground sheet etc.

Once set-up, we'll talk you through everything we've done to make the inflatable hire safe and you'll be required to sign a declaration to say you now accept full responsibility for any and all users using the castle.

How much space do i need?
A bouncy castle needs an extra couple of feet at the back for the fan, about a foot around the sides for pegs or sandbags and a few feet at the front for a crash mat and easy access for the children. Specific dimensions are given in the details for each bouncy castle; we do advise you to check you have sufficient space before completing your booking.

Can you put a inflatables on hard ground / grass / artificial grass?
If outside, we only  put a inflatables on natural grass. We can only put a inflatables  on artificial grass if there is earth underneath and you are happy for us to put stakes through the artificial grass. We cannot secure a bouncy castle on artificial grass outdoors if there is concrete underneath.

We do not put bouncy castle or inflatable’s on concrete or tarmac or block paving or brick weave this is for safety reasons, we will always put safety first.

Can the inflatables be used indoors?
Yes, all our inflatables can be used inside as well as outside. You just need to check the height of the ceiling to ensure there is enough clearance.

Do you need electricity / How is the inflatable powered?
The inflatable  is inflated by an electric fan, which needs to stay on while the bouncy castle is up. We will bring a 25meter extension cable with us and it just plugs into a normal 13A plug socket. If you want to put the bouncy castle further than 25meter from any plug socket, please talk to us about your options, we may be able to bring a longer cable or you may need to hire a generator.


How many people can use a bouncy castle?
In general, 5 children can use a bouncy castle at any one time, depending on the age and size of the children, and the size of the bouncy castle. The bouncy castle must be supervised by an adult at all times.

What ages are the bouncy castles suitable for?
Children’s bouncy castles are generally suitable up to 11 years old. If you want a bouncy castle for older teens or adults, you will need to hire an adult bouncy castle, which is suitable for any age. These have reinforced seams, higher walls and deeper jumping beds. We recommend that children and adults do not use the bouncy castle at the same time as it can be a safety risk.

How many people can use a inflatable slide ?

In general, 10 children can use a inflatable slide at any one time, depending on the age and size of the children, The inflatable slide  must be supervised by an adult at all times.

How many people can use a  obstacle course ?

In general, ??? children can use a inflatable at any one time, depending on the age and size of the children, The inflatable slide  must be supervised by an adult at all times.

How long does it normally take to set-up/pack-down a bouncy castle?

Dependent on the surface you'd like it on, most standard inflatables can be set-up within 30 minutes, with larger inflatables taking anything up-to 50 minutes.

Pack-down tends to be a little quicker but you should expect the same time allowance as the set-up for pack-down.

What happens if it rains during my hire?

No-one can predict the weather or what's going to happen in a few hours after your castle is set-up. Light rain can be acceptable for most shower-covered inflatables but it's at your judgement what light rain is acceptable and what is not. In the event of heavy rain / showers or strong winds, we always recommend turning the power supply to the castle off and leaving the castle deflated until the weather conditions are back to normal. A full understanding of this will be given through our quick talk-through during set-up.

 Extremely adverse weather does have safety implications and we reserve the right to cancel your booking should we believe that the weather poses a safety hazard, this is very rare though. If there is heavy rain or strong winds forecast on  the day of your booking, you may cancel 24 hours  before  and rebook to a different day if available.

Cancellations Policy:

Should you wish to cancel your  hire and have paid a deposit already, unless it's due to wet-weather conditions (taken 1 day prior to the event), we are unable to refund any deposits. Verified bookings (with a deposit taken) mean we've already turned away other clients wanting to book. Deposits are transferable to another date though( if available.)

More questions?

We welcome any other questions about any of our services at J S Leisure You can contact us using the contact form or directly on 01777228965 or 07926767766


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