Blog 2: The Venue When Booking For Cooperate Events And Fun Day Specialist

Posted By: Js Leisure | Posted Date: Sunday, April 29, 2018

Step two - The venue

·       Now you have got a few dates in mind your next step is to find a venue.

·       The venue will depend on what sort of event e.g. birthday party, wedding, corporate event, christening or a fun day.

When considering the venue;

1.    Ensure there is enough space e.g. sufficient garden space.

2.    Do you have power or will you need to look at providing power? (we can offer generators with our equipment)

3.    What is the access like? Ensure there is sufficient access to allow vehicles onto the site if running a big event or at least   access to the back garden for a bouncy castle.

4.    If require insurance copies we can email them to you.


Now you have a date and a venue in mind, you can now start thinking about what entertainment you would like to satisfy your event.