Blog 1: How To Book For Cooperate Events And Fun Day Specialist

Posted By: Js Leisure | Posted Date: Sunday, April 29, 2018


Where do you start? This blog is all about how to book an event this might be a corporate event for your company, a fun day for a charity or association or just a large party for family and friends, being organised is essential to a stress-free and successful event. This blog will be stress free on what you need and what you need to be thinking about when organised your special day/event.

Step one – The date

·       The first thing you need to consider is the date of your event and the time of the year.

·       When choosing you also need to think about are you having the event on a weekend or midweek. As summer holidays can be extremely busy so please book in advance.

·       When thinking of the venue you need to take into consideration the venues and what events might be on when booking your event as this could limit your events. You also need think about mid-week venues when there might be available.

·       Also a nice stately home which has lovely grounds suitable for a Fun Day will probably host weddings at the weekends in the summer, but would be available midweek and probably for a reasonable price!

·       Similarly, In the winter, you'll probably need to book an indoor venue, such as a sports hall or event centre. Again at weekends sports halls will be booked up quite far in advance so you need to get in early.

·       So you need to decide on a date or a few dates in mind then make some phone calls to see of the venue is available.


To found out step 2 wait for our next blog which will be in the next couple of days or so. Keep your eyes peeled some great information and tips ahead to book your event and make it a smooth and enjoyable day.


Blog 1:  How To Book For Cooperate Events And Fun Day Specialist